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Rascal 312 Turnabout:

Designed by powerchair specialists, the Rascal 312 Turnabout has many remarkable features as standard. These include

Dual directional drive with a rotating seat giving you the option of front or rear wheel drive.

Bespoke driving with a swing-away controller and a fully adjustable seat back. Day long comfort with a high back luxurious seat and adjustable headrest.

The chassis is sleek and compact and when combined with the ability to rotate the seat 180, you will find that even in the tightest space, the Rascal 312 Turnabout will give superb accessibility.

Change your view on what a powerchair can do with the Rascal 312 Turnabout from Electric Mobility.


  • Dual Directional drive by rotating the seat. Complete with two footplates.
  • Seat can rotate through 180 degrees for transfer.
  • Can be used as a front wheel or rear wheel chair by rotating the seat.
  • Optional power seat lift to raise you up to different levels.
  • Comfortable seat with adjustable backrest.
  • Swing away controller to allow access closer to tables
  • Front wheel drive gives great indoor turning.
  • Rear wheel drive for when you’re out and about.
  • Specifications:

    • Overall length 78.7cm (31")
    • Overall width61cm (24")
    • Maximum rider weight158.8kg (350lb)
    • Batteries2 x 40 amp
    • Total weight 89.6kg (197.5lb)
    • Heaviest component42.4kg (93.5lb)
    • Maximum range 32.2km (20 miles)
    • Maximum speed 6.4kph (4mph)
    • Castor wheel size20.3cm (8")
    • Drive wheel size25.4cm (10")
    • Turning radius53.3-76.2cm (21-30")
    • Safe climbing angle10 degrees
    • Colours Red
    • OptionsPowered seat lift
    • OptionsElevating legrests
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Monday 23 July, 2018