Rascal Liteway 8 PORTABLE mobility scooter!
 [Liteway 8 PORTABLE mobility scooter!]
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This is the AMAZING new portable scooter from reliable and innovative Electric Mobility.

This 8 MPH - yes 8 mph - scooter has an ALUMINIUM FRAME giving a heaviest part of only 40 lbs, (yes, 40 lbs!)and has a full lighting kit, with indicators, brake light and a brilliant LED front light, with making it both road and pavement legal and safe.The Liteway has been designed and specified for its real purpose, not just a scaled down road goiong model. The lifting weight has been reduced by manufacturing in aluminium, and the dismantling is different from any other, with a support leg stabilising the rear section when taking apart and putting together the two-piece chassis. An off board charging port is available if required.

It is powered by 6 x 15 amp batteries in three separate packs and can be charged with the batteries on board, - or by using an optional off board charging station, the scooter can be left in the car and the batteries charged, in sequence, in your own home. Effortless!

The scooter dismantles easily without tools, like all the Liteway range. This model offers a comfortable captain's swivel seat, delta style handgrips for finger or thumb control, coil spring rear suspension and independent front suspension - most unusual on a portable scooter, - but this little guy does not know that it is a neat portable, because it has all the features and power of a full size machine!

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Monday 23 July, 2018