TGA Breeze S3
 [TGA Breeze S3]
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This very substantial scooter has quite a fan club!

Incredibly well equipped and comfortable to ride because of its unique motorcycle style suspension, Breeze S3 shows just how good and stable a three wheel scooter can be. We know you wont find a scooter elsewhere with the same combination of stability, power and manoeuvrability with such futuristic styling. The large wheels and high ground clearance make kerbs and rougher terrain so simple.

It has adjustable suspension, an imposing design and large alloy wheels giving a ground clearance of 5".

This model can carry up to 25 stone in weight, at up to 8 mph, climbs hills with ease and can travelup to 30 miles on one charge if the heavy duty 73 ah batteries are ordered rather than the standard 40 ah, which give a range of up to 20 miles.The manufacturers claim a "go Anwywhere ability" The Breeze is supplied with front and rear baskets, right hand mirror and a right hand power control lever as standard. twistgrip and footpedal power controls are also available.

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Monday 23 July, 2018