Portable Scooter Range

We offer a large range of portable mobility scooters suitable for transportation in most vehicles .

 If you see a product WITHOUT a price, please ring, these are our MOST COMPETITIVELY PRICED MODELS .  The price is not shown as they can change on a daily basis, depending on how well we can buy ourselves and pass the benefit on to you, the customer.

Portable mobility scooters as you would expect will fit into most cars in up to five separate pieces which are relatively light and easy to lift, and nowadays these are very easy to put back together.  Other portable scooters are particularly light and can be lifted into the car by able people without splitting into components, such as the Rascal XL 355, the Shoprider Micra and the Alpha, these scooters usually have either 10, 12 or 17 amp batteries and have a range of 8 – 12 miles on one charge.  If they are under 50 Kg. in weight, they can be flown by Easy Jet and many other airlines at no charge, if booked at the same time as your ticket.  The writer has taken hers abroad on many occasions and found Easy Jet exceptionally helpful.  These scooters make life so much easier for shopping, trips with the family and days out, and some people find the three wheel versions easier to use around their home than a wheelchair.

Shoprider Paris best price on the net ! Brand new machine out !21 Stone capacity
Easy to dismantle 
Height adjustable seat
21 ah battery pack
Go Go EliteTraveler£ best price on the net !Simple frame seperation with only one hand
Easy to dismantle 
3 exciting colours
Solid Tyres
RASCAL LITEWAY 3RING FOR SPECIAL OFFER21 Stone carrying capacityDual front wheelSolid tyres
RASCAL LITEWAY 4RING FOR SPECIAL OFFER21 Stone carrying capacity4 Wheel version of the Liteway 3Swivel seat available